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What is it?

If you require a customised solution that uses office tools such as Microsoft or Open Office we can help. The business evnironments that we have created solutions for are varied from Resource Managemanet tools using spreadsheets, Inventory Management databases, creating corporate templates for professional presentations to supplying templates for Project Management tools. Nearly every business has some small requirements that 'just don't fit' the tools sets that are available from off the shelf products. We provide the missing link between these tools and your business, we strive to make the integration seemless and as efficient as possible.


  • Meet with you and your staff to see if common tools sets are required.
  • Obtain your specific requirements for the business tools to be created.
  • Develop the tools in phases to maximise current business process integration.
  • The new tools are fully documented for ease of further enhancement.
  • Hands on training is provided. We will 'train the trainer'.
  • Regular progress reports are presented for approval.


  • No obligation first meeting.
  • Dependant on complexity of the tool to be developed.
  • Proportional to number of stakeholders in the project.
  • Hourly rate is expected but negotiated contract rates are available.
  • Average day is considered 9:00am - 5:00pm.
  • Estimates will be presented a few days after initial consultation.

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